About Us

Forty years ago, Wellspring was run with a canoe paddle.

When we began, in 1983, Wellspring had only one hot tub. Situated in a remodeled greenhouse, the tub was heated by an underwater wood stove, and instead of electric jets, tub water was circulated with a canoe paddle….really!

Today, Wellspring is just as handcrafted & loved, and remains one of the best-kept secrets of the Pacific Northwest.

For all these years, our marketing efforts have been just as homespun. Word has spread in the most organic way, not via the World Wide Web, but via the Northwest Web: friends and fans of Wellspring have told their friends and slowly our family-run business has grown. Ironically, maybe, we think this approach has been a key to our durability on the Information Dirt Road. Rather than giving our bookings to once-in-a-lifetime tourists from all over the world, our lack of remote access via the Internet has given local folks in the Northwest an advantage in discovering us. As thanks, perhaps, Wellspring has been a place that Puget Sounders come to de-stress & refuel, to live important life events and to counteract the centrifugal forces in our lives that work to separate us as couples, and from ourselves.

Wellspring has become a culture, much more than a roadside motel on the way to Mt. Rainier.

Though we waited patiently for years and made many suggestions, sadly the people that run the Internet never created a .calm domain extension as an alternative to .com. After a twelve-year family debate, we’ve decided that having a website will be more of a help to our guests than harm; we hope it will make it easier for our friends to share Wellspring with their friends. Our intention is to continue to preserve the quiet spirit of a mindful retreat that makes Wellspring what it is.

We couldn’t be more pleased at what a beautiful and healthy place this has become. Through the years, as our facilities have grown, a community of loving and loyal clientele have grown with it. If you are a part of that community, we hope to see you again soon, and if you’re contemplating a visit from far away, we invite you to come stay in every season.

Most of all, we hope this letter finds you well, and—especially in these changing times—that you continue to take time for yourself, and reflect on what nourishes your inner Wellspring. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours with spirit,
Sunny Thompson Owner

PS. Now that we’re on the web, we encourage you to use our online reservation system to book your favorite times of year to visit the mountain.