Grace West


Wellspring’s outdoor hot tubs and sauna will be exclusively available to the guests who book overnight lodging in either of our Spa Guest Rooms: Grace West or Turiya. Note: Grace West offers an outdoor hot tub and electric fired sauna. Turiya provides hot tub only.

Please have a look at our LODGING page for a full description of these two accommodations.

FOR ADDITIONAL FEATURES at Wellspring, please see our FAQ topic: SPA AMENITIES .

A nice relaxing soak in a hot tub is always welcome at the end of a Mt. Rainier day of hiking or after a long week at work! We welcome you to our cabins in any season!


Spa Services

Spa Services at Wellspring
AAAaaahh… Wellspring, a woodland retreat, a private sanctuary, a romantic getaway, welcomes you in all seasons, to come and rest body and soul, renew your spirit, and replenish your source within.

Nestled in the woods at the foot of Mount Rainier, Wellspring offers an assortment of restorative, professional spa services. Choose your favorite combination and email us for your reservation. We look forward to your visit!

* Spa services may not be appropriate during pregnancy or for those with high blood pressure, heart disease or other medical conditions. Consult your physician.

**There is a $10 Administration Fee for any changes in Lodging or Spa Reservations once confirmed**

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy
Give yourself the soothing luxury of healing, deep, nurturing, Swedish massage therapy treatments while visiting Wellspring Spa.

Massage is simple magic, an experience of letting go and fully relaxing, of allowing caring hands to discover and release areas of tension and fatigue, of finding the center again and getting back in touch with ourselves. In this quieted state the body can re-balance its energies, reintegrate body and mind, regenerate and heal.

Our bodies store many emotions. In massage, stress that has caused our bodies to tighten with protective tension softens and releases. Resistance melts to resilience.

Close your eyes and let your body see. Center your energy out of your mind and into your body. Rediscover your wellspring of inner peace.

Massage rates
• 1 hr. : $100
• 1-1/2 hr. : $150

Appointment Times: Begin at 10am and end at 7:00pm.

Guests occupying Tatoosh Lodge, Tamarack, Tieton, Tioga, Grace West and Turiya can schedule massage appointments in advance of your visit. Please try to give us 48 hour notice if possible to confirm your appointment with our massage therapist. Only ONE guest can be massaged at a time. We bill your confirmed massage appointment in advance of your visit to your card that holds your reservation. Gratuity may be billed to your reservation or paid directly to the massage therapist. Your choice!

**There is a $10 Administration Fee for any changes in Lodging or Spa Reservations once confirmed**

Hot Tubs & Saunas

Hot Tubs & Sauna
Two of the region’s most beautiful outdoor hot tub settings. The Woodland Spa and The Greenhouse Spa, Wellspring’s outdoor hot tubs are private, each having its own special atmosphere. As you soak away your tensions you may want to stargaze from the tub in the cozy Greenhouse Spa courtyard or try the Woodland Spa’s lush forest hollow.

Hot Tubs
Wellspring’s two cedar hot tubs are available to guests who reserve Grace West or Turiya Guest Room.

Rates are $15.00 per hour per extra guest of the party reserving Grace West or Turiya.  (To keep you very safe, we are suspending outdoor hot tub services for outside guests at this time.)

One electric fired cedar sauna awaits the Grace West guests to warm away aches and pains and revitalize.

In this dry heat experience perspiration is induced, thereby cleansing the skin and body. By removing these impurities, increasing circulation, and raising the body temperature, the sauna can relieve aches and stiffness as well as sooth and relax.

**There is a $10 Administration Fee for any changes in Lodging or Spa Reservations once confirmed**