“Thank you Sunny, for the wonderful massage.  This place is WONDERFUL!”  Amber

“Sunny, your retreat is the most relaxing place I’ve ever been!  Thank you for everything, including that terrific massage.”  Jason G, Charlotte, NC

“You have created a most beautiful oasis here!  We just climbed Rainier and after spending three days on a glacier, it was heaven to come here and relax and enjoy before rejoining the world!  We even talked about getting married here!  Hmmmm….  Best to you.”  Samantha and David

“This is a holy place.  Thank you for being the guardians.”  K + R

“To remember how blessed we are in this life is such a wonderful gift, this place and the love that goes into every detail of it woke me back up to what is really important.  What a delight to be able to enjoy such an indescribable place.”  Love & light, Sarah B.

“A spontaneous decision to stop for a soak after a rainy hike to warm up… we had no idea what a treat it would be!  Perfect temperature tub… Relaxing green canopy… excellent job of blending with surroundings.  We will definitely come back!  Thanks for a lovely afternoon treat. Best. Massage. Ever.” Tim and Jenn

“Sunny, I’m not sure “thank you” will adequately express the experience.  The massage was wonderful, your facilities outstanding and the environment also outstanding.  Truly at peace.” Peny

“Sunny, What an extraordinary experience.  I can only imagine what the story behind it is.  Thank you for sharing your warmth & creativity.”  Sonia & Susan

“My husband and I are so happy to have found your wonderful place!  It’s our 22nd wedding anniversary, and we couldn’t have chosen a more perfect place to spend together.  Thank you for everything!” Andrea R

“Thank you for your gift of creating this place.  It is a healing gift to the world.  Your love of life and of our precious planet is so apparent here.” Heather B

“Laura and I just wanted to thank you for everything, for letting us come up here on last minutes notice and for the amazing cabin.  I just asked Laura to marry me here in the spa.  It was a perfect place to do this.  She wanted me to tell you she did say yes!  Merry Christmas.” Peter & Laura

“What an amazing retreat!  Wellspring is a restful, sweet and thoughtful place.  We slept better than we have in months and are leaving you relaxed,rejuvenated and definitely plotting our return!” Kris & Ralph

“The perfect retreat for the weary.”

“My first time of many to come, I assure you.  The inspirations are everywhere here for a designer/builder soul like mine.  thank you for this gift!” Heather A

“We escaped from the real world of frenetic activity, financial crisis and political uncertainty.” Ralph and Irene, Sacramento

“The poetry of your retreat has inspired a profound appreciation of the Mt Rainier wilderness.  The peace, the joy, and the felllowship we have experience at Wellspring is a precious time w will never forget.  May it ever be so…” Chad & Elaine

“This was a magical interlude during a vacation of many wondrous moments.  Your trail through the forest was one of the loveliest we experienced, and our brief night’s stay encompassed the rest and serenity of a summer’s end.  Thank you for providing this lovely respite in the woods.” Wayne & Kathy, North Barrington, IL

“Very nice place.  I only just wish it was nearer home.  Beautifully relaxing pace that was recommended to us and exceeded our expectations!” Walter & Jen, UK

“Sunny, What a gift to come and be able to partake of your deep hospitality and see/experience the fruits of your tremendous creative vision.  Here’s hoping your dream of a “wellspring” point for religious interfaith dialogue, creation spirituality and environmental sustainability will also come to be!  Thank you for all the work of your hands and your heart… Blessings.”  Jill K.