Stay at Wellspring once in each of the Four Seasons, and ONE NIGHT OF THE FOURTH SEASON IS ON US!

A visit to Mt. Rainier is a delight in any season: the birdsong and lush renewal of spring, the alpine wildflowers of summer, the mushrooms and fallen leaves of autumn. And there is nothing like the snow covered evergreen forests of the Northwest in winter. Staying at Wellspring makes a trip to the mountain wonderful in any season.

Now, treat yourself to a getaway once in each season over a two year period or less, and one night of your fourth season stay will be on us.


For over 37 years the people of the Pacific Northwest have sustained Wellspring. Our Four Seasons promotion is a way for us to repay our local and regional clientele. But, of course, there are some rules:


The Seasons are defined by the nights you book within the following ranges:

•  WINTER ~   Dec 20 to Mar 19
•  SPRING ~    March 20 to Jun 19
•  SUMMER ~  June 20 to Sept 19
•  FALL ~         Sept 20 to Dec 19


•  After you’ve stayed three times in three seasons, when you’re ready for your fourth stay with your discounted night, just email us at info@wellspringspa.com and we’ll give you booking instructions to use your earned special.
•  Your season stays do not need to be in exact sequence, but all four stays must be within two years or less.  (Two years is counted from your first season’s stay across the span of eight seasons total.)
•  Summer is a busy month for weddings at Wellspring. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee single cabin rental availability during summer weekends.
•  Your fourth season stay has one night on us — but the discount value is limited to that of the least expensive single night accommodation of the previous three seasonal stays.
•  You may upgrade your Four Seasons credit to an accommodation of greater value or a longer stay by paying the difference.